In Praise of Unrequited Love

More often than not we as individuals find ourselves in a situation where we fall prey to our emotions and deeply desire those who certainly do not feel the same way about us.

The first thing that comes to our mind almost immediately is too serenate in despair,shut everybody out ,lose all ties and find tranquitlity in the darkest of our thoughts .We ask ourselves questions like why the other person could not return all of our smiles and make us feel loved when we needed it the most .And while we choose to give ourselves in this spiral of gloom we begin to self doubt.

Self doubt is not an alien emotion too us humans but rather a peculiar one.It is not that we are uaware of this emotion to begin with .It was perhaps the first rejection from a company we dreamed of working in or simply our failure to do a task we though we had mastered or our inability to calm a crying baby which somewhere in our subconcious made us doubt ourselves.Our, so to say romantic one sided love, fuels the emotion of self doubt and in certain situations,makes us question the ideas about ourselves, we once seeked comfort in believing .

As time passes days change and hearts are broken we start believing in the rather most precarious thought of them all :That if we change ourselves and love them enough they would certainly like us back .We start believing that maybe if show them the depth of our emotions , be more accepting of their flaws or simply wear our hair a certain way, they will like us back.We convince ourselves that it is not we who they dislike but our temporary ways which can, without question, be changed for them .

But the truth however bitter it may sound is that even after knowing us and being an audience to our most interesting and unique sides they do not like us back .The wisdom lies in accepting the fact that we cannot make someone fall in love with us, simply because we desire them .We might find it easy and even most satisfying to believe that it is their fault although the fact of the mater remains that they did choose us and that is how things are ,atleast for the time being .

An alternate reality is that unrequited love , in its purest sense, is not as gloomy as we perceive it to be but rather births the best literature on love there is to read and cherish .We know it is not the happy ending that get us all thinking but the heroic tales of unrequited love which strikes a chord within us . If one comes to think of it, books like the Great Gatsby and Will grayson ,Will grason would never have been written if it weren’t for unrequited love .The list goes on beginning from The death of king Arthur ,Persuation by Jane austin to Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the wind.

It is oddly satisfying to find solance in this kind of love .It gives us an opportunity to dream,wonder and bask in the creativity of our inner romeos and even accept the harshness which surrounds us .When we love so deeply it gives us hope that there is more to people than their selfish,rude and obnoxious behaviour becausein our mind there exists someone so perfect that all the hate we receive seems mundane .

So,in the end we realise that celebrating this kind of love is a feeling of its own which not even the recepients of our deepest of affection can take away from us.

The love that lasts the longest is the love that is never returned

william Mougham


Dear 12th grade

First of all ,I climb like 96 stairs to reach to you every day (and yes I counted) and if that does not seem alot multiple that by like 5 cause like lunch ,pe and plus some random reasons where you have go down:) like finding forever lost teachers….

So my wish by the end of this year is to have abs and run up 4 floors,without stopping .

While study periods never seem to end with you and 1 and half hour classes feel like eternity ,where you can literally feel your hair whitening, somewhere a part of me can’t wait to meet our ,strict ,determined and sometimes funny teachers 🙂

while teachers move in and out of your classes12 th grade , teaching me the lessons of life ,what they leave behind are memories ,which I will probably think about later in life .

Sometimes I come to school for like the people and like those 3 minute transitions ,other times to study 🙂

Besides parents and teachers sitting on my head telling me to study ,you feel alot 12th grade.It is the little things which make you worth while though, like ‘I will eat the hottest chip competition ‘ and convincing your eutopian self at 7:50 that you will finish this pol science paper ,with time left to underline key words.

You are an experience none the less ,it is the sheepish smiles of my friends in the corridor, or that one lame joke which makes my day a 100 times better .

In the end I have officially experienced 14 years of heritage and you as a grade are difficult to leave behind cause like let us face it failing you is easy .Just kidding.A part of me can’t digest the fact that you are going to end soon ,forcing me to love every integration math class which feels like the script of harappa which is yet to be deciphered. The thought of you ending makes every stressful test worthwhile and basically gives me the energy to wake up at 6 am every morning just to spend more time with you.

Lastly I hate the fact that the washroom is so close to my class but I love you,12 th grade .

To us overthinkers

The harder we try not to think,the more we end up thinking,things are never just ‘okay’ for the likes of us.we are either too happy or too sad.we either care too much or simply not give a fuck .

We live on edges,waiting to fall or run to the other side.we don’t just like things we love them and obsess till we hate .More often than we want to admit, we don’t disregard we dislike.

A part of us try to find perfection in our own mess or perhaps convince ourselves into believing that this mess is itself perfection .

Thoughts draw to us rapidly ,chase us and stumble upon our silly minds but the beauty of us is that we let them ,allowing them to enter,give them power to take control and somewhere we truly lose ourselves in this spiral,but at that exact moment we find just a little part of our lost selves.

I can’t have him

And I know I can’t own you and perhaps I never will,

So my anger when you are with her I have no right to feel,

I know you don’t own me anything ,

And I should not ask for more,

I shouldn’t feel so let down ,

All the times when you don’t care ,

What I feel I shouldn’t show you ,

So when you are around I won’t,

I know I have no right to feel it ,

But it doesn’t mean I don’t..


Your eyes say more than you let them and perhaps you know that,

The feelings that you try to condemn are nothing but like perfection to look at,

Oh it’s your smile that does it all,

causing havoc with my heart,

Every time you cross the hall,

You take my breath away with your art ,

You smitten me ,take me by surprise

Getting me lost in this magical spell you cast …

But how do you expect me to stand your lying eyes.

Knowing for a fact this fairytale is to good to last……

I choose this .

Today,I choose to be happy,by overlooking the negativity and by finding happiness in the little things .I choose to be myself , my ‘thinking’ self .I choose to be the bigger person, not that you are always right but my heart is way bigger than what your ego has to offer.I choose to be observant and see the world pass around me ,how people end up getting the attention they do not deserve.
sometims we make choices in the facede that they are for other people ,but it is just us by the end of the day .

The words I could not say out loud.

To the words I could not say out loud ,To the words which reached my lips but never managed to seek the courage to escape into reality ,they are still there meandering in the back of my mind… somewhere you know ,and they come back ,haunt me beyond rationality ,and sometimes only sometimes I let them. I am obsessed with you ,and I just cant stop myself from writing about you .when I look at you I can not help myself but fall for you ,it is just everything about you the way you smirk ,the way you look ,your eyes ,you are more than charming and nothing but interesting .The more I think about you the less I actually know you ,you are a mystery yet to be solved.